Sunday, April 25, 2010

Credit Note

I want to share the definition of Credit note and its voucher entry in tally 9 in simple english .
Credit Note ::----->
When A business organisation sells the goods to other business organisation . Some goods out of them can be rejected by other business organisation . At this time for recording the sale return , there is two method of making the voucher of this record .
Ist MethodWe wait our customer , when he send us Debit note . This Debit note will be the Credit note for our Sale return entry. With this Sale return entry our stock will increase with the amount of goods return inward.
and We make voucher Entry in Credit Note in tally 9
2nd Method
In this we issue the credit note as we accept rejected goods and pass the voucher entry of Sale return in Credit note. Steps of voucher entry in tally 9
1st Step
Yes the feature of debit and credit note
2nd Step
Create the Ledger of Sale return under the head of Sale

3rd Step
Pass the voucher entry of Sale return in Credit note voucher of tally 9