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How can Transport Company use Tally 9 for maintain his records ?

I am running a cargo clearing and at present doing manual accounting. I want to use tally 9. Can u guide me as to how to make what heads of account? EXAMPLE : Client gives me his copy of bill of lading. I present the BL to the shipping company and pay them for the Delivery order on a/c for the client, then i proceed to the port for paying duty and port charges on a/c of the client.then after the cargo is delivered to the clients warehouse I will present him the invoice for all the paid charges and our service charge and transportation charges.

Dear , you are doing transportation profession . So, your service charges are your income . Port duty is not your expenses or loss but it is the expenses of your customer So , it will not effect on your final account . Because , you keep the goods of customer in your warehouse or store
until customer present the copy of Bill of Lading . So , you can also create stock ledger only in tally 9 . If you have done any expenses for keeping stock in store , then it your expenses but you can add it in your services charges and get from customer .

Now , I try to explain its procedure in Tally 9

First of all create your transport company by clicking Company info . right side of gate way of tally 9 and then click creation . After creating and accepting of company , create different leader accounts but keeping it under following head .

After creating this you can create also inventory ledger . In inventory info . , go to unit measurement and stock items . Because , you are not selling goods , so there will be no entry of sale but following entry will entered

When goods received

Stock Account ( Cost value ) Dr.

Name of party who send goods Cr.

Then when customer will give you the copy of bill of lading , then same entry will be reverse

Name of party who received the goods Dr.

Stock account ( at cost value ) Cr.

With this entry , there will not any gross profit from this transaction but it will tell you what is the position of stock by checking stock ledger .

If you want to enter transport and other fees

Bank Account Dr. ( In receipt voucher )

Transport and other fees received (include port duties given by customer ) Cr.

When port duties are given to govt. by you

Port duties account Dr.

Bank Account Cr.

When you pay other expenses

Other expenses account Dr.

Bank account Cr.

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